Making Thai herbal compress ball

Making Thai herbal compress ball which is from Thai ancestor’s wisdom by using local herbs mixed together for healing muscle aches and improving blood circulation.


Thai flower garland (Phuang Malai)

Thai flower garland (Phuang Malai)is artificial flower bunches that gather flowers and leaf such as Mon rose petals, dahlias and jasmines to make a Thai flower garland for worshiping monks and sacred things including to pay respect to parents, adults and relatives according to different festivals. It also gives the aroma from the flower to […]


Cooking Thai Food

Cooking Thai foodThai cooking for customers to gain experience and knowledge about local cooking and local food in Chiang Mai.


Bike touring

Bike Touring Free Bicycle for comfortable travelling to learn local history in Chiang Mai.



Massage Free hand, neck and shoulder massages 10 minutes each person at swimming pool area about 1 p.m. for customer who has done all activities.from Professional therapist Makkha Health&Spa


build a new journey

at phra singh village